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Custom WordPress Website Copy and Dublicate

Website Copy and Dublicate - Custom WordPress

Custom WordPress Website Copy and Dublicate

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Project Description

Website Copy and Dublicate : We will duplicate and migrate your existing WordPress website to a new location or server, ensuring that all content, design, and functionality are replicated accurately. The process will involve thorough testing and quality assurance to guarantee a seamless transition.

Project Scope

Analysis and Planning:

Assessing the current website structure, content, and functionalities.

Identifying any customizations, plugins, or themes used.

Website copy and  Duplication:

Custom development or extensive code modifications.

Website optimization and performance enhancements.

Setting up a development environment for the new website.

Exporting the database and files from the original website.

Importing the database and files to the new environment.

Theme and Plugin Replication:

Installing and configuring the same theme used in the original website.

Website Copy and Dublicate of the customizations and settings.

Installing and configuring required plugins.

Content Migration:

Transferring all existing pages, posts, images, and media files.

Ensuring proper formatting and layout preservation.

Verifying internal and external links.

Functionality Testing:

Conducting thorough testing of all website features and functionalities.

Resolving any issues or discrepancies encountered.

Ensuring the website performs optimally on different devices and browsers.

SEO and Analytics:

Migrating relevant SEO settings, meta tags, and keywords.

Integrating analytics tracking codes (e.g., Google Analytics).

Finalization and Launch:

Performing a final review and quality assurance check.

Assisting with domain and hosting configuration, if required.

Deploying the copied website to the live environment.

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