Payment Gateway Integrations : Mpesa, PayPal, Donation Gateway


Online Payment Getaway

Websites with ecommerce functionality should have a secure, quick, and user-friendly payment method. Both your clients’ and your company’s needs must be met by the payment method you choose. It must therefore be secure against fraud, accept a wide range of payment options, be user-friendly, and integrated within your website.

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Intergrated Payments
- Paypal Intergration
- MPESA payment
- Stripe
- Scrill
- Visa/Mastercard
- American Express/Discover

What is a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a system that validates and manages payments for web-based applications.

A gateway acts as a doorway to streamline the flow of transactions between customers and retailers. Encryption and authentication protocols are used to transmit transaction details securely.

Choosing a Payment Gateway

If customers can't find a trusted or preferred method of payment during the final step, clients may even abandon a purchase when it comes to payment at the payment page.

For instance, an uncertain payment entry point can result in money transfer failures and deter clients from making repeat purchases. Completing a purchase continues to be a aspect of your customers' online purchasing experience


Payment Integrator?

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Mpesa API Integration Service

With the help of our MPESA payment API, businesses can quickly incorporate Safaricom Mpesa into their infrastructure, online presence, and mobile applications, enabling users to send and receive money in Kenya.

Our dependable MPESA Payment API has a user-friendly interface that provides a great platform for viewing online transaction alerts securely. We deliver MPESA API integration via Till, paybill and bulk payments and provide B2B, C2B, and B2C payment integration.


Integrated With

Advanced Reporting Features

Tekwalks will offer you payment gateway that gives advanced reports for the transactions made on your website

You may make precise and reliable business decisions by using a reputable payment gateway, which can provide offer extensive reporting and quicker reconciliation.

Through the use of the internet and social media, business organizations now have more opportunities to boost sales. In order to engage customers and produce leads, a business must have an online store or, at the absolute least, an active social media page. To take Mpesa payments and process purchases, the majority of websites, mobile apps, online stores, and other systems including point of sale (POS) and other desktop programs require Mpesa payment integration.


Budget Friendly

We provide our clients with reasonable and personalized budget offers because each Payment Intergration project approach and objective differs between business goals and websites.


Experienced Team

We acknowledge that payment Integration is a core part of every business website; therefore, our main objective is to assist you in incoperate secure online channels to automate and monitor payments.


PayPal Integration Services

Tekwalks, a reputable PayPal integration service provider, provides cutting-edge services for developing mobile apps and eCommerce websites that use the PayPal payment gateway.

You can rely on us to create highly customized eCommerce apps that are already PayPal-integrated. Our eCommerce solutions are designed to help you increase sales and conversion rates while providing your customers with a faster checkout experience.