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Application programming interfaces are known as APIs. Different software systems can connect to each other and share data using a set of protocols called APIs (Application programming interfaces)

Incorporating third-party technologies or modules into the website is another approach of intergration. Alternatively, one can integrate a website with the client's already-deployed back-end systems. In both scenarios, the integrations can be provided during the development of a new website or, in most cases, deployed after the development has occurred

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Your organization can create a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that incorporates all the desktop and web applications required for day-to-day operations by utilizing an accessible CRM API system. This indicates that all of the data from each database is synchronized in one place.


API Payment gateway processes and authorizes payments made online by linking a website to a payment network. The integration of an API payment gateway offers users a seamless one-page checkout experience because there is no redirection necessary. All payments are handled at the chout page of your website


You can use JavaScript to access and utilize third-party functionality supplied through APIs on your website. Google map APIs allows displaying personalized maps on your pages . You can display movies on a website using the YouTube API, and Twitter API enables you to display Tweets on a website.


Website Intergration Overview

Website integration is hen your website communicates, connects or receives data from another Application or website. Combining these data can help you better understand your clients' buying patterns, close operational gaps, and cut down on employee error.

The essence of website integration is to effectively manage sales and marketing initiatives. Through conversion rate optimization, you can monitor the success of your marketing initiatives when an application is integrated with your website.

  • Types Of Intergrations
  • Server data transfer Intergration
  • Manual Data Transfer Inergration
  • Direct Server Access Intergration
  • Web Interfaces Intergration

Web Intergration services?

Enhance Website automation With Web Intergration


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Through the process of e-commerce website integration, a company can expand the functionality of its current website to support online sales. Many websites lack native ecommerce capability, so certain adjustments must be performed in order to make the site compatible with the new e - commerce framework.

The capabilities of E-commerce Website Integration are further increased by the numerous additional plug-ins and extensions, including third-party plugins. Businesses save money by using CMS-based websites, such as E-commerce Website Integration, because workforce members can make quick updates to the website individually.

  • Ecommerce Intergration Areas

  • Payment Gateway: The process of accepting payments online can be made simpler by integrating a payment gateway.
  • CRM administration: CRM administration aids e-commerce companies in maintaining their client relationships.
  • Software for customer support: Software for customer support aids organizations in handling requests, complaints, and queries from customers.
  • Accounting Solution: Accounts systems allow users to handle their accounts, invoices, and clients.
  • Email Marketing Intergration: Email campaigns can be sent to clients by Ecommerce companies using email marketing solutions.

Ways to Intergrate an Ecommerce website

Using Plugins

Use Plug-Ins: You may incorporate e-commerce capability to your website by leveraging plugins if you are running it on a platform like Joomla or WordPress. Sites built using WordPress or Joomla are both excellent choices, and Tekwalks will help you with creating and plugin Intergration.Get Service »

Embed Code Using iFrame

Websites frequently contain integrated content. The web’s ability to combine content from several servers to create cohesive website experiences is one of its key strengths of integration. For instance, using HTML iFrame tag (iframe> /iframe>) to embed an image, video or blog.Get Service »

Using an API

A programmer can easily incorporate software or applications into your website via an API.  It’s the best choice to customize the application’s features to better meet the requirements of your website. Intergrating API with your website, custom programming is necessary.Get Service »

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Website Based APIs for Website Automation

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are building blocks included in programming languages that enable programmers to more quickly develop advanced functionalities. APIs take away more complicated code from you and offer simpler syntax. Web APIs give you the chance to use your platform to improve customer insights, offer extra chances for purchases, and track customer prospective online prefferences


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