Sales Funnel Optimization


Sales funnel in digital marketing is the journey prospective customers go through to make successful purchase of products and services.

Optimizing a sales funnel will help you gain better understanding how potential consumers think and behave at various points during the buying process. These insights help you engage in the best marketing initiatives and distribution methods, develop the most effective messaging and strategy for each step. This will help minimize abandoned cart and convert more leads into paying clients.


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Prospects move through several stages of your sales funnel from the time they first learn about your good or service until the time they actually make a purchase. Each prospect’s path through your funnel may be different, but ultimately, they’ll rank it depending on their degree of desire. They’ll consider the issue they’re attempting to resolve and carry out market study to confirm that your service is the ideal remedy.

Customers are first introduced to the goods and services through awareness; after that, they spend their time developing an interest in the specific brand that was presented to them. Regarding quality, price, quantity, packing, and shipping methods, the potential consumer will decide whether or not to purchase the good or service.



Through awareness, the public is made aware of your goods and services. This might be done through social media, Google ads, etc. The audience is enthusiastic in the products and services you offer.


Customers will assess your brand depending on their level of interest.  To ensure that your service is the greatest answer, they will consider the issue they are attempting to solve and do market research to learn more about the products or services.


Prospects will learn more about your price and Quality. Your best offer should be made at this time. It might be free shipping when the majority of your competitors charge for it, a coupon code, or an added extra item.


Regardless of whether the prospect makes a purchase or abandons the cart.  Even if they decide not to buy from you instantly, the deal is sometimes still salvageable. You can set up nurturing programs to make sure you stay at the forefront of their minds for any future demands.

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We provide our clients with reasonable and personalized budget offers because each project approach and objective differs with business goal.


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We acknowledge that sales funnel is a core part of every business; therefore, our main objective is to assist you in drive maximum sales at low cost.


Tekwalks will gather data about your audience through marketing analytics such as social media analytics, google analytics etc. This will help understand your customers in terms of product or service preference and get target audience to initiate product and service awareness through campaigns.

We create content to solve customer problems after identifying the target audience. Informative content helps position your brand as an expert and builds credibility. We how ever build landing pages relevant to the content created and which the customer is interested.

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The landing pages should communicate what your brand represents, what it offers, and how it solves their problems. The landing pages are incorporated with CTAs that reflects the content and have great desire to the prospects. CTAs encourages prospects to move to the next stage of the funnel. With the aid of email marketing, Tekwalks will retarget abandoned carts for maximum conversion rate. Email marketing acts as one of the best marketing channel to lure prospects to get interested in your product and next stage of the purchasing funnel


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