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Why You Need Website Maintenance & Support

Every website must perform regular website maintenance. It guarantees that your website's features, SEO, content, security, speed, and overall health are all optimized and up to date. Additionally, it requires making sure plugins operate without any restrictions. Visitors love a website that loads fast, fresh content and an error-free website.

However, our team will constantly monitor your website for optimal functionality, security, updates, and SEO to ensure consistent customer engagement and visitation. As a result, your website traffic will increase as potential clients.


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Security Monitoring

We ensure up to date Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in your website. We monitor for any unauthorized website Operation

Speed Optimization

Speed is ranking factor considered by the search engine. Fast loading websites have influx of potential clients

Fresh Content

Fresh and organic content posted regularly will enhance SEO. This makes your website to rank in the first page of Google.

Updated Website

We ensure your website is regularly, securely updated and backed up to increase its functionality

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Sometimes you wonder why your website is not doing well in the search engine. Website maintenance is crucial for client engagement successful cart purchase. Easy to use website, fast loading website, successful and secure payment; these all come in hand with website maintenance and support

Some of the tasks included in the website Maintenance services includes : Resizing website images, using the website analytic tools such as google analytics, deleting trash files and unused backups from the cPanel.


Set up an automated website backup to make sure that your website’s modifications and earlier versions are uploaded to servers. This facilitates website rollback when necessary.

Search Errors (404)

Look for 404 errors and broken links on the pages of your website, correct them, or even reroute them to the active pages. Along with meeting customer need, this will help enhance website SEO.

Website Analysis

Analyze your websites statistics for performance in the search engine and speed. this will help to tell whether the website is growing in terms of traffic and search engine ranking (google ranking)

Cleaning Website Files

We will scan your website for unwanted files, including unnecessary files and email memory. Junk files consume storage memory, which ultimately causes your website’s operations and activities to slow down.

Experienced Team

We collaborate extensively with our clients both in-person and virtually to support and mentor them on how to maintain their websites on a budget. We accept questions and offer consultations with prompt responses.

Check The Overview of Successful Website Maintenance Process.

  • Review Website Analytics for Performance, SEO etc.
  • Often back up patterns to ensure recoverable data.
  • Update the website: Plugins, forms, UX
  • Scan for broken links, Errors and fix them
  • Analyze your website for speed

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Maintain and Drive sales

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A well-maintained website increases traffic and sales to your website and business. Customers adore websites that are speedy, safe, easy to use (UX), and updated with the most recent information. This is related to how well SEO performs on search engines. Regularly updated, new content that is search engine friendly will provide consistent visitors to your website.

In the modern digital age, Tekwalks will make sure every maintenance procedure is carried out successfully to meet your business goals. A well-maintained website will have a conversion rate of between 70% and 99%. Every website's domain and SSL certificate will be renewed as part of the maintenance. According on the client's desire, analysis and reports are submitted monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. Please get in touch with us if you need help maintaining your website.

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